When it comes to Internet marketing, people usually turn to the classics: ClickBank, CPA, dropshipping among countless of other ways. And there is a reason for that: They work. But if you want to try something different, this article is for you.


It’s not the typical info that you will find if you search for “how to make money online” on Google or digital marketing forums. It’s about making money with (as you probably guessed from the title) music.

Since we are marketers (and not musicians), we are going to be outsourcing the sound production. Once you start making serious money with this method, you can put ads to find a more “personal” and local producer. But for a start, we are going to use Fiverr.com.

You can browse the Music & Audio section here to get a feel of the services available. Don’t get scared by the high prices – just edit the “Budget” option (for example Maximum $10). You’ll even find sellers for $10 with over 100 reviews. The higher the budget the greater the range of options obviously.

Here are 8 ways and resources you can make money with:

1. Royalty-free background music

With the platforms that we give you, you won’t even need to do your own advertising or marketing. Just upload your music and they take care of everything else. But don’t expect to upload a single piece and make thousands. With this method you’ll have to upload often.

Platforms: AudioJungle, Pond5

2. Selling Beats

No, not the headphones but instrumentals. They are used for either rapping or singing over. With the platforms we list here, you have to do active marketing to promote your pieces.

Platforms: BeatStars, Airbit

3. Streaming and direct selling

If you manage to find a producer who gives you great music, consider selling them on iTunes/Apple Music and Spotify using the following distributors.

Platforms: TuneCore, DistroKid, Soundrop

4. YouTube (Method A)

With this YT method, you can have multiple channels for different categories (for example one for “Royalty-free background music” and one for “Beats”). Upload your pieces and do some promotion to get some views (SEO, social media, using a VA etc.).

5. YouTube (Method B)

For this method, you need to create an account with AdRev. AdRev is a service that not only helps with maximizing revenue, but also protects and monitors the unauthorized use of your content on YouTube and Facebook. Payment is made quarterly.


6. Patreon

We’re willing to bet that at least one of your favorite Youtubers talk about how you can support them on Patreon. If you’re going to use Patreon, it’s really best to use it together with YouTube.

7. Gigs

Fiverr.com. Yes, we know you are buying from there itself, but you can resell them for a profit by marking the price up. Don’t go crazy here. Assess the quality of the work that your creator gives you and price it 2-5 times higher depending on how good he is.

8. Extra Tip

You can also create listings on other freelancing websites like Upwork and general marketplaces like eBay. The Possibilities are infinite.

We hope you enjoyed this unorthodox MMM.