There is a massive competition between websites today to get better ranking in Google. With more and more businesses building websites, the search engine ranking has become a mandatory strategy plan.

In this article, we are going to discuss a crazy smart SEO hack that is going to give you some outstanding ranking results.

For any website ranking, three main steps need to be carried out:

Keyword Research:

  1. Those keywords that have small or medium competition are likely to give better results in minimal time, so focus should be given on researching those keywords.

Content Creation:

  1. Write articles/blogs with the word count ideally above 1000 and ensure the content to be well-optimized with target keywords.
  1. Build regular quality backlinks from high Domain Authority (DA) relevant websites.

The above 3 points seems to be an easy task to rank a website, but each one of them requires constant research and strategic plan to achieve the desired results.

Let’s assume that you have carried out these steps efficiently, and now your website has pretty decent rankings in Google. But this doesn’t imply that you are on the exact right track and by just making content and building links will serve the purpose. Although this approach is effective to keep improving website ranking, it costs a large sum of money.

There is a simple and effective SEO hack that you can apply to improve the ranking cost-effectively.

The Smart SEO Hack

Let’s assume that you have a website with 20 pages, and not all pages are the same. Some pages may have more importance for you, and you give more priority to them for better link building. Eventually, those pages may be ranking strong for like few hundreds of keywords. So, once you rank first on selective keywords, you might plan to proceed further on the next topics and begin the three steps of ranking we discussed above. But, that’s not what you are supposed to be doing, instead here comes the SEO hack for you.

Let’s consider an example to explain it effectively.

Consider that you have a website related to 'Cloud Backup', and you are focusing on 'Data Loss' as a target keyword. You have written a well-optimized 2000 words lengthy article on data loss and now working on building quality backlinks continuously for six months.

Eventually, your efforts have paid you, and your article now ranks on the Google first page. This implies that for keyword data loss, your page is one of the top viewing pages in Google.

This is the right time to implement the SEO hack. You will be needing a SEO tool, such as Semrush or Ahrefs. If you are frequently doing SEO, you must be using such tools already. We are going to show the SEO hack by using Ahrefs tool.

Below are the four steps you need to follow:

Step 1

Open Ahrefs and enter your page URL. Change the dropdown to 'Exact URL'.

We are considering an example page here that ranks high in Google for the keyword "How to gain muscle".

Step 2

From the different options available at the left column, click on "Organic Keywords" and then sort keywords from highest to lowest by clicking the "Volume" tab. This approach of sorting keywords is carried out because you have done plenty of hard work on ranking that page, and now that effort is going to reward you in a big way.

Step 3

You know exactly what topics and keywords you have discussed in the article, so when you see the organic keywords section, you will understand that some keywords are not covered in your article, but still your article is ranking in them. To better understand this concept, see the article we are using here as an example.

There is nothing written on the keyword "how do muscles grow", but the article is ranking 21 in that particular keyword.

Step 4

If this was an article published on your site, all you needed to do was to add an extra 500 words on the same article focusing on the keyword "how do muscles grow", and then see the magic. Your article would for sure rank on Google’s first page.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a challenging task with increasing competition. Smart SEO hacks like the above one are the magic gateways that let you play smartly to rank your pages at the top.

You can implement this same approach for your other pages. This is a proven and verified method that works efficiently, bring huge traffic and ranking within days.

If you find yourself having any questions regarding this guide please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.