Sex sells. Period. I mean, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, the sale of sex toys SOARED according to an article on Forbes.

You are neither going to sell sex toys nor be a pimp or adult video producer. Relax. We’re sorry if we got your hopes up too high :P  But don’t worry, you can absolutely claim to be working “in the adult industry” with this method if that’s your thing.

Okay so, the method:

  1. Put up a classified ad in your area for “promotional girls”.
  2. Hire 2 of them (the more the merrier as you can target more than one area at a time, but for a start, two are enough). Suggested pay: $20/hour for 4-5 hours each.
  3. Make one T-shirt that says “Let’s watch Netflix &…” for one of the girls and another one that says “Chill” for the other. We’re not going for baggy style here. “Well-fitted” in the right areas if you know what we mean.
  4. Have them talk (very sweetly) to guys and hand them flyers (college campuses work GREAT with this method).

4 steps. Really.

Those flyers are nicely designed and have a link to your affiliate link. You can get flyers designed for 5 bucks on No jokes, this seller literally has 69 reviews at the time of writing!

Feel free to spend more if you have the budget, and make sure the sellers are comfortable creating something “for adults”. Don’t go all naked on the flyer; “your girls” will be carrying and distributing them in public.

Register a custom domain for the flyer and redirect it to your affiliate link. We recommend Namecheap, NameSilo, and Porkbun (in no particular order). They all provide free WHOIS privacy (which you may want to use, given the nature of your…business), and generally good service.

As for your affiliate link, feel free to use any CPA network you want. But if you want a recommendation, we’ve got good results with Crakrevenue. No shaving, as well as offers with a good landing page in our experience.


Have both of your girls sign up for a trial account on your dating offer (of course, cover the cost of the trial if any). Then when talking to the guys, have either one ask them “So, with which one of us would you like to Netflix…?” [Flirty smile, flirty eyes etc]

Some of them will think they’re being clever and will say “Both!”, in which case of course both of your girls should giggle and then write down their “usernames” on the flyer before handing it out to them.

For the “good guys” who actually pick one, have the girl write her username on the flyer.

They’ll go home, and then you just need to let nature do its job. Don’t let that inner voice tell you that “CPA is dead”. If that were true, advertisers wouldn’t be paying networks to put their offers in front of people’s eyes.

Give it an honest shot!

[Security tip for your girls: Some guys will insist and won’t leave until they get an actual phone number. Get your girls to download one of those free apps that gives you a free virtual phone number that actually works. Then after their gig, they can just discard the number and delete the app.]