There is another YouTube + CPA method on this website, but this one uses a very different approach. If you need a quick buck, you can give the other method a shot. But if you want something that gives you long-term results, then this article is for you.


If you are going to use both methods, we strongly suggest you use 2 separate channels for the 2 different methods.

Just a quick bit for people who don’t know how content locking and YouTube generally work:


  1. You make a video about the niche you are targeting.
  2. You ask them to visit your website (both in the video and video description) so that they can get something they really want.
  3. They go to your site, but before they get what they want, they need to complete an offer (and you get paid per offer completed, including free offers).

Different types of lockers available at

What’s great with this method is that you get free, targeted traffic. And think about it: There is something people really want in all niches! (Else they wouldn’t be called niches, would they?) And people love free stuff.

If you are familiar with this method, you are aware (both as a regular YouTube viewer and as a marketer) that it is commonly used in a “black hat” way for fake things, like free iPhones, free PayPal money, game hacks, Instagram followers etc.

This is where this guide differs from most others.

If you want something that makes you money on a regular basis, you’ll have to shift the focus to something more “white hat” that actually delivers. Something that gives people what they want. How are you going to do that? This is where we come in  ;)

Example 1: TV shows

We know about the famous “watch free movie” / “watch free tv show” niche. I can hear some of you saying “That’s dead, everything is available on Netflix now!”

Google Trends search for “watch house md”

Everything is not! And the searches are very well alive. The popular “House MD” show is not available on Netflix for example, and so are many other TV shows and movies (a simple Google search will list them).

What most people do, is create a crappy 5-minute long video with a static image and robotic voice over that keeps repeating “To watch House MD, click on the link in the description.” (or go to

What YOU are going to do, is record a high-quality video showing them that they can set up an Android emulator with an app that allows them to watch anything they want for free. Of course the emulator is behind your content-lock. Don’t include any part of any show or movie in your video to avoid getting copyright issues and your video taken down.

They came for 1 problem, and you are solving 50; they never need to get scammed trying to watch a TV show again.

Example 2: Games / Game hacks / Patches

You are not going to scam them. You are going to show them that your solution is different and really works.

If you are providing a game for free, do some research. Download a few torrents, try them out. Find out which one is the real deal. Once you do, uninstall the game.

Then make a high-quality recording of your screen showing the full installation. Talk about how you had difficulties finding the real game because of all the scams out there (they will relate to you). Show them your download folder with all the fake downloads, and how many you had to go through to actually find “the one”.

If you are going for hacks and patches, make sure to find the real deal.

Put that real download behind your content lock.

And show them how they can get the file too. After your video demonstration, show them that they can go on “this” website, complete “that” offer, which will then reveal the download link. You can mention that it’s a bit annoying, but at least on this website the download is real.


Example 3: Fitness / Pets / Any niche

We are actually combining multiple examples in 1 section so as not to make the article too long, but we still want you to understand the approach we are taking with this method.

With any “hobby” niche that you can think of, you will find websites giving away guides, tips, and e-books for free if you subscribe to their newsletter. And those freebies are usually of high quality as they want you to think “If this is the free stuff, how good is the paid course!?”

You may not get this vibe from the freebie if you’re not into the niche yourself, but if you manage to stumble on it by doing a simple search on Google, trust us, they’ve already optimized to attract eyeballs.

Ideally you want to set up a dummy email address to sign up to those, and then try to find guides that give you “10 tips to” or whatever number greater than 3.

Go through the landing page and the guide, and make a YouTube video talking about the BEST tip/method you read. If there are 10 tips you can afford to talk about the top 3.

You know what’s coming, don’t you? At the end of the video, tell your viewers that they can get their hands on the full PDF or video (yes, those guides come in the form of videos too) for free on your website. And of course, the good stuff is behind a content-lock. The owners of the material won’t even mind, as their freebies are designed to bring them sales on the back-end. You could even sign up for their affiliate program if they have one and modify the links in the download so that you get a cut of the back-end sales.

To summarize:

Our method is really about over-delivering. Actual work has to go into it, as with most things that will make you money for long. Research, making the actual video and setting up a nice download page.

Marketing is a tool, and like most tools, it can be used either for good or for bad. In our case, we go for chaotic good sometimes but nothing too mean – everyone ends up getting something in the end, especially us.