If you are looking for ways to earn money through a passive source and on a long-term basis, you are in for a treat. Out of all the various ways we can bring in the bucks, we will focus on one method that will allow you to wait for funds coming in while doing something that you love.

If you work for Amazon and its affiliates, and you use YouTube as a way to promote their programs, you will know that there are simple but effective ways to make money through YouTube. However, this method is not a piece of information that most ordinary people are aware of or at least know very well. So, allow me to provide you with a step-by-step guide on generating income through YouTube reviews.

First things first

The initial thing that you need to do is to set up all the necessary accounts. These are your YouTube account, Amazon account, and AdSense.

Creating your YouTube account

It doesn’t take a genius to create your account with YouTube. All you need to do is go to their website and click the option to create a new YouTube account. Set this aside as one for your business alone, different from your personal use. This account is where you will upload your product reviews, which we will discuss later, and is the lifeblood of your money-making venture.

Creating your AdSense account

Now that you have registered with YouTube, you can sign up for AdSense. Although most will be familiar with YouTube, not everyone will know AdSense.

AdSense is Google's advertising platform. You can link your account with AdSense to your YouTube account so that their ads will appear in your uploaded videos. This method is one way to make money through the videos that you upload and publish.

How does AdSense pay you?

They are a tried and tested company, 100% legitimate, and have been releasing payouts for their ads that show up in your YouTube channel for years. They pay their account holders via check or wire transfer every 21st of the month.

Throughout its history, there has never been a delay in payments, nor extra fees that are charged to you for all the payouts.

If you still have questions about adsense take some time to read this mmm.

Creating your affiliate account with Amazon

The Amazon program for affiliates is a fantastic scheme, and businesses and individuals who have established their niche sites as an affiliate have made quite a decent amount of money over the years. Some even wrote tutorials so they can encourage others to be part of the program.

How do you earn from this?

Amazon gives you a 5-10% commission for every sale that you generate as an affiliate. Since Amazon is the world's largest online shop and is outstanding in its efforts to boost sales, all you need to do is to promote their products and connect people to their site, and you can earn your commission on their purchase.

How does Amazon pay you?

To get paid, you must have a Payoneer card. It’s a card that you can obtain free of charge, and you get a beginning balance of $25 if you get it now. When Amazon pays you through this card at the end of every month, you can take money out of any ATMs in the world.

Bringing in the Money

For companies as big as Amazon and eBay, who earn billions in sales every month, the money that you get from your commission is only a blip in their earnings. However, knowing that millions of people worldwide, and every day, shop online and go to Amazon as their go-to shopping place, you can imagine the potential earnings that you can make as an affiliate.

Uploading your Product Reviews

When people shop online, they most likely will search for reviews about the products that they are interested in buying. It can be a mobile phone, a watch, pieces of jewelry, among others. If they are considering purchasing some kicks, they might type in "Nike Air Max 270 White reviews." They then watch several videos on YouTube to have an idea of the actual product and how those who have bought it are loving their new shoes or maybe not.

Earning as an Affiliate

If you are one of the people who did the reviews to these Nike shoes, and the viewer likes your video, this is where the money starts coming in. With your Amazon affiliate link posted on your channel, those who watched your product reviews will click on them to be connected to Amazon. Amazon, then, will recognize your connection and send you your commission when the prospective customer buys.

You can do the same thing for other products that you bought off Amazon, such as a wristwatch. A typical way to do product reviews nowadays is to do an unboxing video. This way, you can walk your viewer through the process of getting your item, opening the box, and trying out the product. It gets their juices flowing and will more likely be interested in buying through your affiliate link.

Do not forget to add your affiliate link in the description box of your product review video. You can also mention that viewers can click on the link below in the video description to bring you straight to Amazon, where you can buy your new shoes.

Because this creates an easy way for them to get connected, the chances of clicking your link are high.

Extra commission

The best thing about this program is that when your viewer purchases some other products apart from the one you reviewer while he is on Amazon, you earn commission on those as well.

Sample Passive Income computation

To give you an idea, consider the example below:

If you bought Nike shoes for $70, posted a product review on YouTube, and 20 people out of thousands who viewed bought from Amazon, you get $10 per sale making $200 for your video alone.

If you have AdSense, you also get $3 per 1000 views. If you have 90,000 viewers, you make $270 income.

Your total income, then, is at $470. Not bad for a $70 investment and you have Nike shoes for it.

If you multiply this to 100 videos online, then you can probably make $20,000-$30,000 every year just by publishing product reviews on YouTube.

This method is how you earn the big bucks as passive income, which is a possible source of earnings for the long haul.