There are people willing to pay up to 300 bucks for you to come up with a name for their business. And there are platforms that specialize in connecting those people with others who are more creative. One of those platforms is: Squadhelp.

And no, they are not a scam.

And these are some results that some of the users are getting:

Step 1: Sign up for a free account on (Select Join as a Creative)

Step 2: Go to your dashboard and connect your PayPal account.

Step 3: Go to Active contests and select All

You want to find the ones that say “Guaranteed prize”

This basically means that they have to give the money when the contest is over.

You’ll see people paying $250 and even $300 for this.

Step 4: Select a gig

And read everything. They provide details of what they want and you really increase your chances if you give them just that.


Finding the name

There are 2 ways you can do this:

1. Think of names

2. Use a business name generator

We recommend doing both. Just type business name generator in any search engine and open the top 3-5 and just type in your source words (and select whatever setting they ask you to set).

Wait a minute. Did we just give you a method where you can make money just once?

Of course not. Check out Squadhelp’s leaderboard:

Take it as serious work. Take as many gigs as you can. Some people are ranking 1stmonth after month. $67,574 is a crazy amount to make just for typing names!

There you have it. We hope to see some of our readers on the leaderboard too!

But wait, there is more. You can make even more money by creating logos and domain names and selling them on there. Like this guy.

So if you have a catchy business name, check if the domain name is available, register it and create a logo for it. You don’t need to wait for contests to do that. You can do this for evergreen niches (like or for names that sound nice (

Domain registration:,

Logo creation:


If you don’t want to invest anything, just stick to the business name contests.

There, now we are really done.

Wait. Last tip. For most people, this cannot realistically be a full-time job. So what most of us need to do, is take the money we make from there and invest it into another more scalable method (like Dropshipping or CPA).

Okay done.