There is a new trend that started in 2019, that is still growing in 2020. And it’s prime time for you to hop on the bandwagon and grab your share of the pie.

We are talking about quiz websites. Not the ones that you fill a survey to maybe or maybe not get paid by the ad company, but quiz websites that you own for your visitors’ entertainment. And unlike those shady ad companies, you are not even making fake cash promises to them.

Quizzes have become so profitable that some marketers went from having them as part of their website to having full-blown quiz-only sites.

The way to make money with quizzes is by displaying ads above, below, next to, or anywhere around your quiz questions.

We recommend Google AdSense, but you can use any other ad network instead or together with AdSense (or any combination of any ad network you like as long as it’s not against their ToS).

That’s how, but that’s not enough to make consistent money. And that’s what we’re going to teach you here:

How to make money effectively, efficiently, and long-term with this method.

If every visitor you get on your website only views 1 ad, you are leaving serious money on the table. The way to do it effectively is to expose each visitor to multiple ad units. And this is done by making them go through multiple pages. If your quiz is made up of 10 questions, that’s 10 pages that a single visitor views, and at least 1 ad unit (ideally you want more, but without clogging your quiz pages; you don’t want to ruin the experience for them).


You will need:

1. WordPress (or any CMS that you are comfortable with, but WP is usually the easiest for newbies)

2. Any one of the quiz plugins available, ideally one that allows ads in it (else you’ll have to set it up separately, manually)

3. Any ad network account (like AdSense)

4. Traffic

What you need to do:

1. Prepare the quiz with at least 10 questions

2. Set up the ad units in a way that’s not unpleasant around the quiz area

The key to success:

Your quiz website needs to provide value and be enjoyable. If not, they will just leave the page after 1 or 2 questions and your traffic generation efforts and/or investment will just go to waste.

How to prepare your quiz website:

Hire a professional writer. Just starting out and can’t afford to? Use Wikipedia or any other encyclopedia website.

Do not even think of just copying and pasting from other quiz websites; some ad networks are strict about that and you could lose your account.

Sample questions:

Let’s say you are targeting car lovers. Let’s say… BMW (what a surprise, right?).

Wikipedia page:

There is A LOT of info on that single page; there is no need to source from dozens of open tabs to come up with a nice quiz.

Here are some questions you can include in your quiz:

1. What does BMW stand for in German?

2. Where are the headquarters of BMW based in?

3. When was BMW formed?

4. How many colors are there in the BMW logo? (this one is a trick question as many people will select 2, but they forget to count the black border around :) )

5. What series does the G20 model form part of?

Etc. etc. You get the gist.

The questions need to be not too hard, but not too easy. You want it to be a mild challenge. What good is a shooting game if you have unlimited ammo and are invincible?

Driving traffic:

It’s actually easier than if you are trying to promote an actual offer, as people on social media tend to love quizzes and have their guard down when there is nothing to buy or sign up for.

A BMW quiz for example can go on so many auto fan pages, BMW fan pages, groups etc.


Additional tips:

1. Choose to get paid by CPM, not by clicks. Most of them will not be clicking.

2. Maximize profits by congratulating them and offering a follow-up quiz. Do you think someone who just scored 8/10 on a BMW quiz would like to test his knowledge on a Mercedes-Benz quiz? Exactly.

3. Some quiz plugins won’t have the option to put your ads in, in which case, find a theme that supports that feature.