For this MMM to work, you'll need to own a playlist on spotify with over 500 followers and you will need a PlaylistPush account.

Knowledge Requirements:

There are no Knowledge Requirements for this method. Just follow the steps below.

What you'll do:

You'll start by creating an account on PlaylistPush as a "Curator".

PlaylistPush is a platform that allows Spotify playlist owners to monetize their playlists by reviewing tracks sent to them by talented indie artists from all over the world.


Usually Spotify playlist owners get constantly harassed by labels, artists and managers to place tracks on their playlists, so PlaylistPush came to make this process easier.

For each song reviewed curators get paid anywhere from 1$ to 12$.

Upon signing up you will have to select which music genres fit your playlist best, as a result you will only be asked to review music that fits your genre in order to not compromise the quality or integrity of your playlist.

After having your account approved and your playlists verified PlaylishPush will automatically start to ask you for reviews.

The more tracks you review, the more money you'll make.

Once you've earned your first 20$ you can request your first payout. Usually, they deposit your money directly in your bank account within 24 to 48 hours.

This is an excellent opportunity not only to make a great side-income by listening to music but also to discover great new music and to support indie artists all over the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much money can I make using this method?

It all depends on how many tracks you review. The more music you listen to, the more money you will make. This is a great method to make some side-income,however, do not expect to make a living out of this MMM.

  • What is a "Curator"?

A curator is someone who owns and manages a Spotify Playlist. The curator of a certain playlist is the person who decides what to name the playlist and what songs to place on that playlist.

  • How much money will I have to invest for this method to work?

This MMM requires abolutely no investment.

  • Do you guarantee any results?

We do not guarantee any results using this or any other method available on our website. Making money online starts and depends entirely on YOU. Not methods. Not courses. Not Google. It's all about you.