For this MMM to work, you'll need a Facebook account, a Google Adsense account, and a very basic Wordpress Website.

Knowledge Requirements:

You will need to know how to publish a post on Facebook. You will need to have a basic understanding of Google Adsense and how does it work and you will need to be able to create a very simple Wordpress website. Keep in mind that all of these are explained below.


What you'll do:

You'll start by creating a "Job Vacancies" Wordpress website. For those who do not know what this is, a "Job Vacancies" website is a website that regularly posts job openings so that people can apply to a certain job through the internet. Some good examples of this type of website are Indeed and Job Today.

For those who do not know what "Wordpress" is, it is a "platform" or a "website" that allows people to build, design and publish their own websites easily. It might sound confusing but bear with me.

You can find out more about what Wordpress is by watching the following video.

If you have little to no experience with Wordpress and you have no idea how to start building your website with it, please also take some time to watch this video as this will be the most important step of this tutorial.

There are a lot of themes available for you to build your website with within Wordpress but as we're building a "Job Vacancies" website we recommend a theme called "Jobroller Theme" as it is meant to be used in this type of websites, however, you can choose any other theme if you'd like.

Important Note: Keep in mind that later in this tutorial you will be sending people to your website so the better your website looks and the more "professional" it appears to be the best results you are going to have.

The good thing about platforms like Wordpress is that you DO NOT need to be a professional to build a really good-looking website, however, if you find yourself messing around with Wordpress and you simply can't get it right we advise you to try two things. Either watch some more tutorials on Youtube on "how to build a Wordpress website" or hire someone that can do it for you.


There are a lot of websites like "Fiverr" or "Upwork" where you can hire amazing designers for very affordable amounts.

After having your "Job Vacancies" website ready to go the next thing you want to do is to fill it with job openings (as that is the main purpose of it).

This step requires a little bit of manual work as you want to go to the biggest "Job Vacancies" websites and copy every single job offer to your website so that when people visit your page, they can have access to real job openings from real companies.

Click Here to see a list of the top 12 best job search websites at the moment.

After having your website filled with job openings what you want to do is to connect Google Adsense with Wordpress so you can start showing ads on your website and Adsense pays you.

I'm sure that you already noticed that some websites you browse have banner ads or pop-out ads all over the place right? That's how people make money with their websites or blogs, we're going to do the same here!

What Google Adsense does is it places ads all over your website or blog and then pays you depending on how many people you can get to see their ads, so, the more people visit your website the more money you will make.

If you have no idea how to connect Google Adsense with Wordpress so you can place ads on your website just watch the video below.

So now that you finally have a fully-working website filled with job openings what you want to do is to send traffic to it right?

Remember what I told you? Adsense pays you depending on how much people see your ads so we want to have the highest amount possible of people visiting your website, makes sense?

What you need to do now is to find all kinds of Facebook groups related to job searching and you want to post job openings from your website on those groups.

Usually, people who browse those groups are people that are desperate to get a job so if you post job openings there they will definitely going to visit your website to read, search and possibly apply to those openings.

The more good groups you find and the more job openings you post the more traffic you'll get, the more traffic you get the more money you'll make.

That's how you're going to make money using only a Facebook account, a Wordpress website, and Google Adsense. Sounds simple right? Let's get to work.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is and do I have to buy a domain name?

A domain name is the address of your website. It is the name that people type into the URL bar of their browser to find your website. You DO NOT have to buy a domain name for this method to work, however, using one makes your website more appealing to the general audience.

  • Should I spam Facebook groups with links to my website?

No, you shouldn't. Keep in mind that Facebook Groups will ban you if they notice you're spamming your links all over their groups. The best way to marketing something is by doing it softly and intelligently. Don't be a spammer.

  • How much money will I have to invest for this method to work?

We cannot give you a certain amount because it all depends on many factors but you won't need to spend more than 20-30$.

  • Do you guarantee any results?

We do not guarantee any results using this or any other method available on our website. Making money online starts and depends entirely on YOU. Not methods. Not courses. Not Google. It's all about you.