For this MMM to work you will need a Google Chrome browser with the VidIQ Vision Extension, a small amount of money (10-20$ will do just fine), a brand new domain name, a CPA account on a network like OGads or CPAgrip and a video software program called Bandicam.

Knowledge Requirements:

You'll need to know how to do niche research on YouTube, how to record, edit and upload a video to YouTube, how to rank your video on YouTube and you'll need to be able to work with an affiliate CPA network like OGads or CPAgrip. Keep in mind that all of these are explained below.

This MMM was submitted by one of our readers. The author chose to remain Anonymous.

What I did to Make Money:

I've started by finding a niche on YouTube. The best way to find a profitable niche is to go with something that you already know a lot about. At the time my niche was "World of Warcraft".

A little background, I've been an avid WoW player for a little over 3 years now and when I started playing it I didn't have any money for the paid subscription. So, like everyone else, I went looking for keys and keygens everywhere.

A new expansion of the game was coming out almost every two years and whenever that happened Blizzard Entertainment (the company who created the game) used to give out BETA keys for players to test that new game expansion. This new one was going to be called World of Warcraft: Legion. I took this as an opportunity to make some money.

I thought that by making some nice YouTube videos about the expansion and by telling people something like "Hey, click the link in the description to download your WoW - Legion beta keys" and then using a content locker on my landing page I would be able to bank hard.

For those who do not know what a "Content Locker" is, it is a locker you insert on your websites to make users complete a certain task before rewarding them with something. Most of us already came across content lockers all over the web.
Here's a good example:

That's what networks like OGads do. They provide you with content lockers for you to insert on your website and when a user completes a survey or an offer Ogads pays you. So I've started with some research.

Step #1: The Research

I went to YouTube and started looking for videos using search terms like "WoW legion beta keys" because I was trying to gauge how saturated the niche was already, guess what, it wasn't. I found a few videos but I knew I had a shot here.

The next thing to do was to find a good video to see if I could edit it and re-upload it (because I didn't want to create a new video from scratch).
I've managed to find a nice video but it was heavily watermarked so I did the next best thing - I've copied the landing page.

I can't code so I needed a ready-to-go landing page for the niche and if you're ever out of landing pages you only need to find a competitor and copy theirs, it works like a charm.

Once I ripped the landing page I removed all the unnecessary images and videos, edited the code a bit (very basic stuff), added my content locker (OGads) to it and then uploaded the page to my domain name.

Step #2: Making the Video

So now I had a very good landing page ready to make money but I still didn't have a video to advertise so I had to make my own. It took me a few minutes, nothing fancy.

I've set up Bandicam to record my screen and then I made a video explaining the steps people had to take to get their "free key". I opened my landing page and followed the steps needed until my content locker opened up and then I paused the video.

While the video was on pause I quickly edited the website's code to show some kind of success message saying "Thank you, you've unlocked your WoW key" and then I've started recording again.  

So basically what people saw on the video was me going to a website, completing an offer and then getting my free World Of Warcraft key.

Step#3: Uploading the video

The hardest part about this MMM comes after your video is ready and uploaded. Getting traffic and ranking your video is not an easy task, however, I'll show you how I handled that.

I advise you to install the VidIQ extension which shows you a ton of info about a Youtube video including all the tags used by the original uploader so it's easy for you to copy that same strategy.

The next thing you want to do is to analyze (using the extension) all the first page results for your search term "WoW legion beta keys" and figure out what's making those videos rank so high. Gather as many tags as you can and copy them to your notepad so you can use them in your video.

Now upload your video to YouTube and make sure you write a decent title and a good description with your domain name on it (so that people can click it). Make your video looks legit, add the tags you've just gathered and make sure you also use non-copyrighted music to avoid problems.

Set your video to Unlisted and let's hop into the next step.

Step 4: Getting traffic

If you've reached so far you're doing good. Every YouTube video needs traffic and amongst billions of videos, it's had to stand out so we're going to use a simple trick to trick YouTube's algorithm.

You'll need something around 10$-20$ for this to work. What you want to do is to buy some HR (High Retention) views for that video. Just google "SMM Panel" and you'll find a lot of websites offering this type of service.


Place an order on your "SMM provider" for HR views so your video starts getting good quality views. If you have the budget we also recommend you buying likes and comments to make it look more legit. If you don't have the budget you can always create a few fake YouTube accounts yourself and watch, comment and like your own video.

By giving this initial "boost" to your video you'll be able to rank easily. You can always post your video on Facebook groups related to the subject, Reddit, 9gag, Quora, you have a bunch of options. After getting a good amount of views, comments and likes on your video, make it public and let YouTube do the magic.

Your YouTube video will start getting views and you'll notice people clicking on your domain name and completing the fake surveys to unlock their "WoW keys".

You can twist this into a lot of different niches, just be creative. The possibilities are infinite.

That's how you can make money on YouTube using CPA offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I really need to buy HR views in order for it to work?

You don't need to do that, however, we strongly recommend you to as it will make your ranking way easier.

  • How much money will I have to invest for this method to work?

Something around 10$ to 20$ works just fine.

  • Do you guarantee any results?

We do not guarantee any results using this or any other method available on our website. Making money online starts and depends entirely on YOU. Not methods. Not courses. Not Google. It's all about you.