For this MMM to work, you'll need a domain name, an account on Crakrevenue and a proper internet connection.

Knowledge Requirements:

You'll need to know how to buy and redirect a domain name to a specific link and you'll have to have a basic understanding of what is an affiliate network and how does it work. Keep in mind that all of these are explained below.


What you'll do:

You'll start by creating an account on an affiliate network. For those who do not know what an affiliate network is, it is a website that allows it's users to find a way to monetize their traffic.

Let's say you have a website that has around 5k visits per month. A good way to make money from that traffic would be signing in at an affiliate network and placing some of their offers on your website. In that way, that network would pay you every time a user clicks or completes a certain action regarding that offer.

Of course, this was a very quick and simple explanation but I promise you'll understand it better if you keep reading.

For this method I recommend you to create an account on Crakrevenue as I find them to be one of the best or even THE best PPS (Pay per Signup) and PPL (Pay per Lead) adult affiliate network.


Keep in mind that while creating an account they will probably ask you for your "traffic source" or your "website address" so they can evaluate if you're going to be a worthy affiliate that brings them money or not.

If they do ask you that just browse the web for a list of less-known porn websites, choose one and give them that link as if it was your website. Keep in mind that the approval process may take some time but they will probably approve your account if you do that.

Now is the time to create a Crakrevenue account. Click here to do it and then get back to this tutorial when you're done.

Now you must be waiting for your account to be approved, however, after having your Crakrevenue account approved the first thing you want to do is to head over to your "Profile" and update your "User Details" and your "Billing Information" so that whenever you make some money Crackrevenue knows how do you want to receive the money.

They have various payment methods, you can choose whatever you like the most.

Now you're officially a Crakrevenue affiliate, but you still have to choose an offer to promote from their huge list of adult-related offers.

There are mainly three types of offers on Crakrevenue:

  • PPL (Pay per lead) offers will make you something around 1-5$ if someone registers to a certain website you're promoting, through your link. This might be the easiest type of offer to promote since you don't need the user to pay anything for you to make money.
  • PPS (Pay per Signup) offers can make you up to 200$ for each action completed through your link. The main difference between PPL offers and PPS offers is that with PPS offers the user needs to register to a certain website but ALSO needs to pay for something on that website in order for you to make money.
  • RevShare offers are offers that will pay you a percentage of every single penny a user spends on a certain website. So let's say some random guy registers an account on a website you're promoting and spends 100$ to talk to some girls on a live chat (example). You would be getting a percentage of those 100$. The best thing about RevShare offers is that they will keep paying you a fixed percentage of what that user spends FOREVER. So if the same user decides to spend another 30$ next month and another 200$ the month after that, you will always be paid a percentage of those values even though all you had to do was to make him register a website two months ago.

That being explained I would recommend you to start with PPL offers as they are the ones that might bring results faster and easier. PPL offers might also be called SOI offers in some cases (they are exactly the same).


I will not tell you what offer to start with as marketing is all about experimenting I think you should try to promote different offers and see what works best for you.

Whatever offer you decide to go with will have a link available for you to use, that's called a "tracking link" and that link is what you have to promote and share so that people can click it and you can make money, however, there is a problem with most tracking links, they are ugly.

That's right, most tracking links look like this.



Now put yourself in a users perspective, if you were browsing a website and saw a link like that would you click it? Wouldn't you feel safer clicking a more "attractive" link like ""? I know I would, that's why I advise you to do two things.

Either you buy a domain name like "" that will redirect users to the "ugly" link or you can use a free link shortener like that will turn your link into something like this "", however, I strongly recommend you to go with the first option.

The next thing you want to do is to buy a domain name. I strongly recommend you to buy a domain name using Namecheap as they have a live team available 24/7 that will help you with everything you need.


I advise you to buy a domain name that is related to what offers you're going to promote.

Let's say you decide to promote a webcam ebony website, it makes sense for you to choose a name like " or" however a domain name like "" would also work, just don't choose a name that is not related at all with what you're promoting.


Now that you've got your domain name you want to redirect it to your "tracking link" so that when people write your domain name in the URL bar of their browsers they get redirected to your offer.

Namecheap makes it very easier to do this, just watch the video below.

Alright, so now you're officially ready to make some money. You've chosen an offer and you have a good looking link to promote, so what's the next step? You have to promote it, that's right!

This is where the creativity part comes in and I want you to know that there are trillions of ways for you to promote your adult affiliate link, you do NOT have to follow my way if you don't want to, this is completely up to you and this is what will determine how much money you make from this method.

One of the simplest ways for you to promote your adult affiliate link is by heading to a Porn website like (xhamster), download a bunch of amateur videos with no watermarks on it and then upload those same videos in different porn websites.

The trick here is that when uploading those videos on other websites you will write your domain name in the title of every single one of those videos.

So let's say you've downloaded a video of a girl masturbating from (xhamster) and now you're uploading it to (pornhub), the title of your video would have to be something like "Petite teen masturbating - watch more on "BLABLABLA.COM".

Here's a good example of someone who is already using this method.


What this will do is that EVERYONE that sees that video will also see your link and very possibly a good amount of people will be curious enough to browse it.

The more videos you upload the more views you will get, the more views you get the more traffic you get and therefore the more money you'll make.

The success rate of this specific method has a lot to do with how many videos you upload, how you write your video titles, the quality of your domain name and if it looks legit and the quality of the offer you're promoting.

As I said above there are plenty of ways for you to promote your links, you don't have to use porn websites if you don't want to, this is just a simple method that has been proved to work extremely well.

Let's make some money online!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I buy a ".com" domain?

You do not necessarily need to buy a .com domain name, however, you do need to buy a domain name that looks professional and has to do with what you're promoting. Always think as if it was you. If you saw your domain, would you trust it?

  • Do I really have to buy a domain name?

You do not necessarily need to buy a domain name at all, you can use the free method I mentioned above, however, I do not personally think that people will trust one of those links as much as a well-chosen domain name.

  • Do I have to use Crakrevenue? Are there any alternatives?

No, you do not have to use Crakrevenue, there are thousands of other networks that work exactly the same way, however, I strongly recommend you to use it as it has a very good reputation.

  • How much money will I have to invest for this method to work?

If you decide to buy a domain name you will spend something around 1$ to 20$ as there are cheaper and more expensive domain names.

  • Do you guarantee any results?

We do not guarantee any results using this or any other method available on our website. Making money online starts and depends entirely on YOU. Not methods. Not courses. Not Google. It's all about you.