For this MMM to work you will need some money to start with.

Knowledge Requirements:

You'll need to know how to place an order on websites like Fiverr or Upwork and you will need to know how to use Craigslist. Keep in mind that all of these are explained below.


What you'll do:

This is a very easy and straightforward method, so read everything carefully.

What we are going to do is to re-sell logos. We are going to buy logos at a certain price and sell them at a higher price so we can keep the profit.

What you want to do is to head over to websites like Fiverr or Upwork and find yourself a logo designer. Just search for "logo design" and you'll see hundreds of options.


We advise you to take your time to find a good logo designer. Do not focus on how many orders he has on how big is his reputation but on the quality of his work.

Note: Sometimes "smaller" designers tend to put a lot more effort into your order than "bigger" ones, so keep that in mind.

Alright, so now that you've found your designer the next thing you want to do is to pick your pricing. Let's say your designer sell's his logos for 10$ each, you want to set your price above that to make a profit, makes sense?

Do not be greedy, we've found that the best way to generate amazing sales from this method is to keep your logo prices between 19$ and 25$.

Now that you have a designer and you've already decided on for how much you'll sell your logos the next thing to do is to find people that are interested in buying them.

We recommend you create an account on Craigslist and to post your services there as we've tried it and it was a huge success.


Make sure your copy (the text you use on your post) is excellent and that your English is spot on. We want it to sound professional so that people trust it. If you want you can even go a step further and buy 3 or 4 logos from your designer so you can include them in your Craigslist post as an example.

You can also advertise your services on Facebook groups in the business niche (or in any niche that you think might have members interested in buying logos).

Whenever you get an order you just have to ask your designer to take care of it. Your customer pays you, you pay the designer and you keep the profit.

Make sure you maintain relationships with your customers. Offer yourself out to get them other designs or to take care of other design-related tasks. Most of your customers will be business owners so if you maintain a good relationship with them you'll have their trust to sell them other things.

There are A LOT of services being sold on websites like Fiverr or Upwork. We've used "logo design" as an example in this MMM, however, you can re-sell pretty much anything else. Be creative.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I really need to buy logos to use as an example?

You don't need to do that, however, we strongly recommend you to as you're going to have a higher success rate by doing so.

  • How much money will I have to invest for this method to work?

If you decide to buy some logos to use as an example on your posts then you might have to spend a few bucks with it. We cannot give you a certain amount because it depends on various factors.

  • Do you guarantee any results?

We do not guarantee any results using this or any other method available on our website. Making money online starts and depends entirely on YOU. Not methods. Not courses. Not Google. It's all about you.