It’s not always about new and shiny. Sometimes old is gold.

Fighting entertainment has evolved, but boxing still retains its prestige. Pro bodybuilders today look very different from those back in the days, but Arnold is still an icon. And while you can buy all the software you want, there are some old marketing methods that will never really die.

They just became less exciting because we are always in search of how to do more with less work. But that doesn’t mean that working more doesn’t work anymore.

Working hard is the perfect solution if you have ZERO money to invest. You can promote products for free. And that’s what this article is about. Nothing shiny. Just good old hard work.


Here are the results of one of our peers who does nothing but manual work:

Not bad, right? You know the method he used. You just never bothered to try it.

Blog commenting + Reddit commenting + Posting on forums

Don’t click away yet; there is a system to it so that you don’t just shoot in the dark.

We are going to use ClickBank to make money. For those of you that don't know what is ClickBank we advise you to check out our previous tutorial - What is ClickBank and How you can Make Money with ClickBank before you proceed.

Here are the steps:

1. Sign up on ClickBank, and find a product that has a low gravity (not more than 25).

2. Ideally, buy a domain name and redirect it to your affiliate offer. If you really can’t afford to, sign up for a Blogspot account and use the 301 redirect option.

3. Search for blogs and forums related to your niche, market, or product.

4. Leave comments and suggest the product as a solution.

5. Profit.

Note: The higher the quality of the comment, the better it’s going to work for you.

When was the last time you clicked on a link just because someone wrote “Check out this site”? Right? Try to add some value to your comments and posts.


For this to work, you have to spend a lot of time commenting every day. You need to reach enough people. Too much hard work? Consider getting a Virtual Assistant to do it for you. You can hire some cheap Virtual Assistants on Picoworkers for example.

Have them send you a report at the end of each day with links of their posts so you can check that they are actually doing the work.

Rinse and repeat with other products. This is how you can make money on ClickBank the old fashioned way.