There is a growing trend on YouTube about Fiverr services.

Do you see the pattern? Click-baity titles that contain something along the lines of “I paid $xx of Fiverr and look at what I got!” or “I paid X designers on Fiverr to…”

The niches don’t really matter. As you can see, videos about pizza commercials, songs, and even day trading are getting thousands of views.

How you can Make Money with this Method

We’ve gone through hours of those videos to analyze them so you that don’t have to. And here we are with the recipe that makes them successful.

  1. Pick a category of services on Fiverr
  2. Test them at different price points (For ex. Logo at $5, then $25, then $60, then $125 etc)
  3. Show the work delivered to the YouTube audience

That’s it. That’s literally what millions of YouTube viewers want to watch.


In our analysis, we’ve also noted some shortcomings from a marketing perspective. Smaller channels tend to only promote their social media platforms. And that’s a shame cause even with their smaller audience, they have really good engagement in the video (comments and likes). But they are still missing out on the money.

Maybe they don’t want to associate cheap or shady offers with their growing channels and that’s fair. But for readers of this blog, we’ll show you how to make money with this trend in a non-spammy and non-scammy way.

The Money Making Method

A CPA offer. No, not the one where you ask them to sign up on a dating site, but the one that Fiverr makes available to you!

Yes, many people don’t know this, but Fiverr does have its own affiliate program. Have a look here.

Fiverr pays you $15-$50 for the first time purchase (actually it’s up to $150 if the buyer decides to purchase from any Pro seller).

Of you can choose the “hybrid” plan which is 10 bucks for the first purchase and 10% commissions for a year.

So, pick your own niche (as you’ve seen, it doesn’t really matter. Logo, music, fashion models – you decide). Order from various sellers at different price points.

Make your own video. Create a catchy title like “MFW this $5 CUTE Girl Makes a Better Logo Than…”, and add your CPA link to Fiverr itself in the description.

You may be thinking that the people watching your video already have an account on Fiverr. Do you really think that all the 2,200,000 viewers of the “I Paid Musicians on Fiverr to Finish My Song” video in the screenshot above actually have an account on Fiverr? Some of them are going to be musicians. Others are just curious.

With your catchy title, some will just click to see the cute girl. Others will wonder if you can really get a cool logo for 5 bucks. Not all of them will be on Fiverr already. That’s just the voice in your head telling you “Cool read. Move on to the next shiny money making method now!”

You’ve got a working money making method. Try to control it this time, and take action.