Almost everyone you know uses Microsoft Office and while some people always want the latest and greatest, not everyone is willing to be tied to monthly subscription to have access to it (Microsoft 365). The latest offline productivity suite from Microsoft is Office 2019.


You can see Microsoft Office Home & Student 2019 selling for $149.99 on their official website here.


And Microsoft Office Home & Business 2019 priced at $249.99 here.


You can also purchase Office Professional 2019 at the whopping price of $439.99 here.


It really shouldn’t be a surprise that most people look for a cheaper way to get their hands on this valuable but pricey productivity suite.

And honestly, it’s not that hard. A simple search on eBay shows listings of Office 2019 suites for up to 10x cheaper.


And this is how you’re going to make money: By re-selling Microsoft Office 2019 Professional (the most prestigious version!) on eBay.

The Method:

You will be buying Office 2019 license keys for $3.00 or less. Search for “Microsoft Office 2019 Professional instant” (without quotes) on and see the magic.


As you can see, you’ll also find the keys for as low as $0.99!

But why do people even buy the $45 “retail versions” when those keys are available for so cheap?

Few possible reasons:

1. They want the “premium” feel of having the box

2. They maybe don’t trust the $1 sellers

But how are you going to give them that “premium feel”?

You don’t have a retail box. But you can still deliver value by sending the install and the product key on a USB flash drive. You don’t need to buy a stick that breaks the bank but try to use something that doesn’t look too cheap either.

When creating your eBay listing, make it look like it comes in a retail box, with pictures and all. But in your fine print, make sure to mention something along the lines of “In order to cut down on shipping costs, packaging is stripped down to the bare essentials and the install comes in a USB stick.”


Will customers get angry?

You may occasionally encounter a customer who is not happy because he thought he would get the full package. In those instances, you can kindly point him to the part in your listing where you do mention that it comes in a stripped-down package. And if he is still unhappy, you can refund the order so as not to damage your reputation on eBay and with PayPal. After all, you only paid 1 buck plus shipping for it.

But most customers don’t complain as they are getting almost exactly what they want, at a fraction of the “real” cost: An amazing productivity suite that works with a legitimate product key! On top they get a nice USB key that they can repurpose for their own use.

We suggest you try it, and if it’s not something you are comfortable with in the long run, then you can simply close your listing and give another method on this website a try.