This tutorial will teach you how you can make money with MyFreeCams (which is an adult webcam website) and Crakrevenue (which is a company that helps people make money promoting porn offers in general).

For those of you that never heard of Crakrevenue, we recommend you to check out this tutorial on How to Make Money Promoting Adult Sites on which we explain what is Crakrevenue and how exactly you can start making money with it.

So, as you guys already probably know, you can make money with porn sites by sending people to those websites and making them sign up there. Today we will be sharing a money making method that involves you sending traffic to MyFreeCams and getting paid for it.

This method works better if you have your own adult website or are willing to create one.

So, Why are We Going to Use MyFreeCams to Make Money?

As you already know, we work with a lot of different adult websites and there are thousands of ways you can make money by doing it, however, this particular website has a "live cam widget" that caught our attention and after trying it ourselves we realized it's huge potential when it comes to promoting the extremely lucrative affiliate program they have.

Their payouts are extremely generous, you can make up to 5$ per signup or a 20% rev-share which means that you will be paid 20% of what each user that you brought spends on their website, forever.

So, What Exactly is the MyFreeCams Live Widget?

The live widget is a cam widget that you embed on your website and it shows live cams from MyFreeCams alongside with a CTA (click to action) button that makes users want to sign up to their website. It continuously updates the featured performers based on things such as model popularity, number of viewers, and overall conversion rate, this is why it can make you a lot of money.

In fact, after using the widget for about 3 weeks we noticed that we made 25% more money compared to any other offers we tested before on Crakrevenue.

How Can I Set up the MyFreeCams Widget on My Porn Website?

It's actually pretty simple. The first thing you want to do is to login into your CrakRevenue account and click on the MyFreeCams link on the left sidebar.

If you don't have a Crakrevenue account, click here to create one.

In the template settings, you can choose your MFC widget template. You should customize it in a way that you think fits your website better. This includes its design, color schemes, etc.

Now go to the content settings page so you can choose what type of offer you want to promote. We tested it with both rev-share and DOI (pay per signup) but you can choose any of them.

Just to remember, with rev-share offers you will make a percentage of what the users spend on MyFreeCams for life and with DOI you will make money with each signup you send them. Both have their advantages but if you're a newbie we recommend you starting with DOI offers because rev-share offers take time to start getting good results.

Alright, now click on the layout settings tab and create your perfect widget layout. You can choose the number of columns, number of rows, widget size, and a lot more...

Head up to the info bar tab and there is where you can show names, age, and gender. You can display model status for each model (online or offline) and some other stuff. You can also choose to hide your info bar if you don't want to have it visible.


The next thing you want to do is to click on the generate widget code and copy the ad code so you can embed it on your website. We are not going to teach you how to do this last part because if you own your own porn website we're pretty sure you already know how to do it.

If you don't happen to have an adult website click here to read our full tutorial on how you can make money promoting adult websites on Snapchat.