There are different methods adopted today to increase the website popularity and overall traffic, for example, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), building backlinks, publishing well-optimized content, etc.

Although all these methods are the right approaches towards increasing traffic, everyone desires to find a more convenient, simple, and cost-effective ways.

Quora is a globally well-known Q&A site, where anyone can ask any question related to any field and get the corresponding answer. Different sites are using it as a medium to drive traffic to their sites.

In this article, we will discuss a smart Quora hack where we will choose to answer those questions in Quora that can really drive traffic to your website.

Quora Hack

Quora provides sites an excellent alternative for traffic boosting instead of doing hectic content writing or building links, etc.

We are going to use Ahrefs SEO tool to carry out the Quora hack and identify those Q&As that can drive traffic.


Step 1

Go to Ahrefs and enter in the site explorer. Choose "domain" from the dropdown section and press the search button. Now from the left vertical menu bar, inside "Organic search" options, select "Top pages".

Step 2

Add filter to see positions from 1-10 only. Add keywords relevant to your content to narrow down the search results. As an example, we are looking for content related to "baseball".

Step 3

Now you can further narrow down the search by applying Volume filter to look for those results that are above a specific monthly search volume.

Besides that, there are other filters to make your search results more precise. In this way, choose the question that meets your requirements of the topic, monthly search volume, and similar other specifications.

As an example, we have selected the question based on its high volume.

Step 4

Once you choose the question, open it in Quora to clearly get an idea that whether you can rank the answer for that question or not. Along with that, another important thing is the upvotes the answer has received.

If Quora’s top answer has a lot of upvotes, then there are very few chances that your answer will rank higher easily. So, preference should be given to those questions that have a smaller number of upvotes for the answer.

For better understanding, see the example question shown in the figure below.

You can see its top answer has just three upvoters, so it means that if you deliver a quality answer to that question, chances are higher for better ranking.

A lot of sites are driving traffic through Quora by spending plenty of time and resources in creating a broad set of contents for dozens of questions. But, with this smart Quora Hack we discussed above, not only it will save your time, but it will also enable you to focus on creating quality content for only specific questions, resulting in quicker ranking and large traffic for your sites.

Another benefit through this hack is that it provides ideas for new topics that you can use for your SEO articles/blogs writing.